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Web applications

Web applications

A web application is not necessarily a website. But a website can be part of a web application. Sometimes, a website is the only part of a web app. Do you catch our drift? Below, we'll explain what web applications entail and why they can always offer a solution for you and your company.

The magic word of the day is the cloud. An important part of the cloud is remote work. For a long time, a website's primary function was to inform visitors, from offering scientific information to simply showing advertisements for and information on companies. They were and often still are a way to share information on a topic with the world.

Nowadays, however, websites can do much, much more. Some examples: inventory tracking, personnel planning and numerous other automation solutions. In the past, such funtions were carried out by different programmes – think of your calendar and Outlook. Now, more and more websites take over these functions and become programmes themselves. Examples include Gmail for your e-mail and Exact Online for your business administration. In these cases, we no longer speak of websites, but of web applications.

At Merwin Online, we build custom web applications. With our apps, you can manage the content of your website via a CMS, or link your news letter and webshop orders to Mailchimp and Exact Online. It's even possible to contact / e-mail your customers from one centralised place.

Why is this important for you? There are two major advantages. The first is that you can manage and carry out your tasks on any device with a browser and an internet connection. Be it adding a new contact to your address book or sending some invoices while waiting for the bus. You can use a smartphone, laptop or even your Smart-tv.

The second advantage is that your apps scales along with your needs. A cloud solution can easily scale according to what work needs to be done. Whether you need a workspace for all your employees, or when you simply need to finish your presentation this week. Whenever you need a bit more power, the app scales accordingly. This way, you'll never pay too much, and you won't get any nasty surprises.

Examples of Web Applicaties

Mercedes Benz Nederland

For Mercedes Benz Nederland, we linked their webshop to the store of your nearest Mercedes dealer, the depot in the Netherlands and the main warehouse in Germany. This allowed you, the customer, to review where you can have your new rims placed, and how long you'd have to wait. If the dealer did not have the products in stock, he would not have to do anything. The system we built automatically ordered the parts from a different store where they were in stock, and made sure they arrived at your nearest dealer. The dealer knew when the products arrived and you knew when they could be placed on your car. The result: you never had any unnecessary waiting times, and you were offered fast and good service.


Art-S-Cool is an institute which connects schools from different neigbourhoods, and lets kids come into contact with art via art. Artists give guest lectures and they organise projects such as the Haagse Dierentuin (Zoo of the Hague), in order to realise their goals.

Sometimes, some unused materials would drift around in the school warehouse, or a teacher needed some inspiration for a new lession, or a fun way to incorporate a theme such as Easter, or they were just looking for new ideas. Our solution was the lesson bank we built for Art-S-Cool, a digital environment in which teachers can save and share art lessons, tailored in a special format suitable for art lessons. Each teacher is able to search through all lessons, for instance when they want to use the leftover materials from a previous lesson, look up new inspiration for a specific theme. They can look up lessons via keywords, share them with their colleagues and print out lessons as PDF-documents. The lessons include images to explain the lesson, to use in class, or to serve as inspiration for the children.


ReFeall is a small enterprise that fixes and resells old computers and rents out computers for as long as you might need them.
For marketing purposes, they use second hand sales websites and Whenever they receive a new computer for sale or rent, they can place their new ads on these websites with a simple click on the button. This saves a lot of time, allowing them to focus on the important stuff much more efficiently.

Besides this, they can print out ledgers easily using the system we built for them. This way they recieve their monthly sales statements without any effort, which can be booked by their accountant easily.

Your solution

So, we offer you more than just a website. We offer you a custom system that grows alongside you and your company. There are solutions for any company who is looking to automate.

We'll gladly meet up with you, to see what we can offer you and your company. So, when would you like to grab a coffee together?