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Merwin Online's vision is that a computer needs to work for you, instead of you working for the computer. This starts at software. Things needs to be simple and clear, and functional at the same time. Software functions which one user makes use of often, should show more prominently to that user, while they should not bother or even stay fully hidden to another user.

We'll always gladly think along with the customer to find software that fits. Be it a webapplication, or controlling robotics via sensor technology. We aim to give clear insight into what we are doing for you, and what our software does.

Examples of Software applications

Irrigation is key

For New Green Solutions, we wrote the software that powers their herb volcano, Salad Cart and an irrigation system for allotment beds. In all three cases, the software checks the humidity and indicates when to administer fluid to the plants. For the Salad Cart, it also measures the water supply and indicates when it needs to be refilled.


For a number of clients, we linked infrared radiators to their calendar and alarm clock. This allows for the bedroom to be heated prior to bedtime and getting up. The result: no more cold bums. The thermostat knows when you go to bed by based on the calendar on your smartphone. Should you want to go bed earlier than usual, you can simply use the web interface to change at what time the heating should turn on. You can use the web interface to review the temperature history and to check when the heating was turned on last.

We write most of our software in PHP and Python. If you need software to support your newest invention, we'll gladly think along with you. Feel free to make an appointment with us, to discuss the possibilities – no strings attached.