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Your portfolio website
Portfolio for artists

Merwin Online started with building portfolio websites for artists. 
Michael started with building websites for his classmates at the Willem de Kooning Academy more than 10 years ago. This has grown into more than 250 portfolio websites for artists around the world. New portfolio websites are regularly added, so this number is still growing.

Why would you choose a portfolio website if you have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

On these channels you can display a perfect timeline of your work. However, you often lose the image rights with social media channels. This is something that has to be done, otherwise other users can not share your messages, which is the power of channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
We are the last to say that you should not use these channels, but we are convinced that it is better for you not to post everything on your timeline.

It is much better if unique works are only visible on your personal portfolio website. 
A channel like LinkedIn is ideal to announce a process or a new exhibition with a small number or even a single image of your work.
This way you can reach the public and also bring people directly to your portfolio website.

A personal portfolio website has a very big advantage.
You can present your work without advertisings and other distractions. It is your own personal museum with your perfect background color on the wall. You have the device and flow in your own hands. Where one goes for black because it gives a nice contrast with the white works, the other chooses for the colors of the rainbow with a movie in the background. Your own personal portfolio website gives your story extra strength. It reinforces your visual language.

No, we are not Wix or Strato. We deliver customization!
Customization gives you many extra possibilities, these possibilities are something a standard platform can not offer. This allows you to give your artworks media attention in your own way. Over the years we have worked on a platform where you can make your portfolio website just the way you want it. What turns out: after a year or two, all the artists come to us and ask us for a customized portfolio. We understand that as an artist you do not want to call us for every photo you want to place on your portfolio website. To be honest, we are not waiting for that either. That is why all our websites are equipped with a CMS. This Content Management System (CMS) ensures you that you can manage the texts, pages and all images.
But if it does not work as you would like, you can always call us. Because we are always there for you!

With your own portfolio website you have all the flexibility in the ideal environment! 
Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact us this is non-committal and in that way you can experience it!