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What are cookies

Because we believe in transparency, we also like to explain what something is when we talk about it. In this case cookies. No, not those that are not in a pot in the cupboard and that you get with the tea. In the computer world these small files with some information in them are used in most cases to see who or what is on the website.
With these small files, the website can see if you are logged in but can also see who you are and what you have already done on a website. The latter are the so-called trackers. There are many more applications that can be done.

What do we do with it

We use a cookie and that is to see if you are logged in. The cookie contains a unique code that is only understandable for our software. That code is called a session id. This session code remains valid for only 15 minutes after your last server request. Through this you stay logged in and we can see which pages you have gone to.
Ho, ho, ho, do not run right away, the two are separate from each other. The software ensures that we see what a visitor has done but not which visitor. We can only recognize that someone was logged in because some pages ask for a login but we do not know who this is and we do not need to know. We do not have personal information because we want to know what the average is so that we can participate.
We therefore think that our cookie use is minimal and it just makes for a better experience on the website. As:

  • Directly the right language
  • Stay logged in
  • Right display modes

In addition, we also store for 30 days that you agree with the cookies in a cookie. If you do not agree you will get the question every time you come to the website.
If you have any questions or remarks, please let us know. If you want to know more about what we do with your information then visit our website privacy page where we explain everything to her.

Accept or not

Don't allow