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Mobile apps

Mobile apps

90% of all active mobile phones are smartphones. Most of them can run applications (apps) that have been made by third parties. This third parties are different than the manufacturer of the phone company or the manufacturer of the operating system. This offers countless opportunities for everyone, especially for entrepreneurs.

Although there are many different options for creating apps, creating an app is not an easy task. Functionality and speed often lay behind due to the lack of experience and knowledge. There is also a lot of money that is wasted, because many entrepreneurs think they need an app. If you look at the results in the end, it becomes clear that the app is being downloaded by three employees and they are not even using it. That is something we think is a waste of your money at Merwin Online, so we like to think along with you.

Should or shouldn’t I get an app?

We believe that there are indeed opportunities for many entrepreneurs on the mobile market. That is why we first set up a preliminary investigation before we, if necessary, build an app. We look at data from the mobile website and the features that the desktop version offers compared to the mobile version. Together with the entrepreneur we look at what is expected of the app and what they hope to achieve. We give an advise on the basis of this information. This can sometimes lead to the abandonment of building an app, expanding the mobile website and linking it to a web application. Because this is a cheaper and more flexible solution.

World Trade Fashion

For World Trade Fashion we have developed app's for a number of clothing brands that they manage. By means of an API every app gets the right products that can be linked to the user. Our preliminary investigation shows that most sales on the mobile website are made and come from retailers. We have build the apps so that they support the wishes of B2B and less the B2C.
In the meantime more than 4500 retailers use the app service, divided over six applications and it is accountable for 75% of the B2B sales.

Customer data tool

For a customer who would like to remain anonymous, we have developed an app for his representatives. These are on the road in the Benelux to do sales and current customer data are essential. Previously, these data were collected on paper and processed at the office on the intranet. So that the representative knew what was going on at the customer. This gave regularly delays and sometimes a form was lost. Furthermore, a representative at the office had to print the customer card and take it with him before exploring. This caused them to miss out on sales and required a lot of man-hours to get everything in order.
With the application they can now enter real-time customer data and see it again. Thanks to a synchronization that runs in the evenings, the intranet is updated so that people in the office can see everything through the old familiar system. This gives a saving of 60 man hours per week, because the input and retrieval of data and all data is now realtime plus that there are no more forms that are lost.
The total saving of the introduction of the app is more than € 75,000 on an annual basis. We have achieved this by looking closely at the business flows and the wishes of the customer together with the customer