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About us

Merwin Online has been active as an online web-application developer service since 2011. We have a mission to provide artists, individuals and businesses with appropriate and functional web-applications. Our strength is creating custom-made and customizable solutions to suit all your specific requirements.

Merwin Online was founded by two enthusiastic young entrepreneurs. One of them is employed in the arts, the other in the communication and media industry. We decided to bundle our knowledge and to apply it for this new market: fully customizable web-applications for all.
Right now, our team has two senior back-end developers, two designers, an communication specialist and a content manager. We continue to build our team, so we can offer te best solutions from start to finish.

The Merwin Online concept has proved itself to be successful. Not only small parties, but many different kinds of entrepreneurs are now using Merwin Online software to host and maintain their websites and business software. Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.


At Merwin Online, a merely informative website is not the end goal. Who needs a website that only gives information, costing you a lot of money in the process? A website should work for you, and there are more possibilities than you can think of to make this work. What about document sharing with your own cloud, a webshop that communicates with your warehouse or automatic invoicing linked to your time-tracking apps?

Our vision at Merwin Online is that things need to work. Those that do not simply need attention and innovation to make it work. Whether it's a website, a phone app, cash register software or stock management, everything is able to communicate with each other and improve your workflow! We helped over 40 companies to innovate with our software. From non-profit foundations like Art-S-Cool to big companies including Enexis and Mercedes Benz.

So, how can we help you with your innovations?