It Starts With An Idea, Now Let's Make It Real!

IT is the backbone of every company. So it's time to get your idea into the world with an end-to-end solution.

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Creative IT

We at Merwin Online are software developers with a passion for IT and we can give a lot more of what others can't: CREATIVITY

Our main vision lies in IT solutions. We can help you within your company website, but also Planning, Marketing strategies, Start-up roadmap and much more that comes with your business to make a flying start with your new idea.

Your idea becomes reality when we help you on your way. We think along, communicate and build a business from your idea. 

When was the last time you had a full team of people behind you to help you every step of the way? We have a number of important points to realize an idea. Everything we don't have, we have managed to find the best on the market over the years, so that we connect you with the right specialist in that area where you need it within the realization of your Idea.

Free consultation

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We are happy to help you with your idea, any idea. Whether it's a new dating site or a new product for the hospital. Your idea is gold! To give shape to that great idea and give you a helping hand, we are offering a free consultation, to get you on your way.

Our Food

Case study

I had a idea while I was in Hong Kong in 2017. You could order from en menu that you scan by your mobile phone. But I tell the waitress what I wanted to order and after words I needed to pay in cash. That needs to be easier, quicker and above all  more fun. So I went to Michael with my idea medio half 2020 and now we have over 24.157 orders placed on our platform every month.

- Peter Baan -